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Centuries have passed.

Rumors of Stendarr's imprisonment abound.

The Watchmen have nearly died out.

Chaos sweeps across the lands of Aardwolf leaving devastation in its wake.
It is time once again for the Watchmen to take up arms and recruit an army.
Perilous journies await the dauntless Watchmen and malevolent forces work to
thwart these guardians and turn them from righteousness! Against even these
terrible odds, Stendarr's children MUST prevail and break His bonds!

Stendarr's army invites those whose hearts are pure to lead Aardwolf into a
new era!

Clan Watchmen has no alignment requirements, nor does Stendarr demand
regular tributes of gold or quest points. A statutory clan tax based upon
auction earnings, sale proceeds, and mob spoils funds the holy war. Clan
members are not required to join committees, wars, raids, or PK activities.
We take pride in supporting every clan member in the pursuit of his or her
personal goals within the guidelines of our clan theme.

Do you wish to herald Stendarr's restoration and serve as guardian and
protector of our realm?

Do you want Stendarr's children to stand with you as you achieve victory and
gather round you if you suffer defeat?

Adventurer, you seek Clan |Watchmen|.
Clan |Watchmen| awaits you.

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