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written by Shaelynne


You can not move through the epic without 5k mana.

R7 w/20k+ HP/Mana, Incomplete Heal, Party Heal, Aim, Retreat, Cure Blind* Leader discretion

Goal: make sure you open the goal. Runto the area, walk 2s, listen Orbury.

We complete 3 sides (NWE, review map on the right for the starting points) and then we kill the final boss (Talon) at the ascend pillar location on the map.

If you are not ready to "join late" then you will fail to get that sides token and you won't be able to finish the run. Save any tokens for future runs.

West: run uws2wn

The most complicated side to learn. If interested you can always let it be known.

Wear: Shield, Sanc Aura

Token: Hide and Sneak

Leader Command: Free

Finish Command: energize fountain

'East: run ues2en'

Anyone can learn to lead east side. Create a group with just yourself, go to east side, read the sign, and practice solo.

Wear: Shield, Sanc Aura, Shock Absorbers

Token: Sliders

Leader Command: Free Galerradus

Finish Command: energize fountain

North: run ue3nwu

Clearing mobs.

Wear: Shield, Sanc Aura, Shock/Knuckles/Horn

Wave Order Clear: Wyrm, Dragon, Frost


Ice Bomb (75k mana)

Fight Back / Pheal 2x

Unleash Power

Move down when clear

Token: Shalamon

Leader Command: Free

Finish Command: say yes/nod


All: Forge Extreme/Hard/Normal @ Orbury

Leader Command: Hoist the sword

All: ascend pillar

Wear: Shield, Aura, Shock/Knuckles/Horn/Drain

Leader Command: nod

Finish Command: pull lever (wear rings)