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Note: 2/19/2020 this guide is currently under construction!

For general EPIC information, please see the EpicNewbieGuide.

Average runtime: 1 Hour

Average group size: 25+

Chance of death: Almost certainly, probably more than once. Do not tell the group you died. Spam needs to be kept to a minimum, and telling everyone in the group you died is just a waste of time. We can all see that you died through info messages or other means. Go back to Alai and await patiently. Do not tell people you are waiting. When enough people have died and returned to Alai (3) you will be automatically transferred back to the section we are in. If the epic leader decides they need people now, they will send people to get you.

Who can go? Any 200/201 can be useful as a healer, as long as you have incomplete heal and party heal, and don't mind dying a few more times than normal. You will die much less if you have a minimum of 15k hps.

What will I get? Potentially some seriously bad-ass eq. But it's quite rare so don't be terribly disappointed if you get some gold.

What if the thought of dying makes me wet myself? Stay home cupcake. <-- THIS. do not bitch about dying on epics!


It's in the Inner Sea part of Uncharted Oceans.

Usually someone will set a door mob.

From the room on the continent to Alai the speedwalk is run des2desw3d Stay OUT of the area until the epic leader takes you into the area to start the run. Going into the area prior to the run start can delay the run. DO NOT go into the area for the first time without the epic leader taking you in. Wait at the door mob, which will be put in the group name once set.


  1. Read this guide.
  2. Read this guide again.
  3. If you can: set up a capture window for chats, especially gtell
  4. Practice (and ideally max) incomplete heal and party heal
  5. Realize you WILL die, it's no biggie so don't freak out.


  1. Read this guide again and do the following:
  2. Get neutral
  3. Check the following settings (basic raid/epic settings)
    • Autoassist is off
    • Autoloot is on
    • Autosac is off
    • Wimpy is 0
    • Battlespam off
    • Groupspam off
    • Nospam on
    • Turn off all reminders/repop/gquest/etc notifiers that go to gtell
    • Minimize spam, turn off unnecessary channels etc.
    • Damage 2 is good for minimizing attack spam.
  4. Stock up on mana potions
  5. Brewing/scribing double or triple incompletes is not a bad idea if you have time.
  6. Bring a shield, any shield will do, you'll want the damage reduction.


Medallions: Medallions are required for two phases of the Inferno run.

  1. During the battlefield phase they must be worn to prevent Orc Trooopers from appearing and killing everyone.
  2. They must be worn at the end of the run to get the reward.

The issue is that they can only be gotten once per repop (every few days) so

you can't join late unless you stock up a couple in advance during "medallion

only runs" I highly recommend picking up at least 1 or 2 just in case.

Big Bad:

There are a lot of Big Bads in here, the final one is Death.

But even the Medium Bads are extremely tough.

Other Mobs:

The Shade: Greet shade to get medallion, need 8 players minimum, one chance per repop.

NOTE: This step is timed. If you go to early you can screw people up. The

instructions will come in two steps. You'll be told what to do (When x says go,

everyone greet shade) DON'T greet shade yet. Wait til the person gives the final

word. This gives everyone time to get ready. Don't be the guy who screws someone

out of a medallion by jumping the gun.

Alai: The guy who opens the goal and transes you around during different phases.

Sentries: Fun mobs that repop frequently and catch you as you're running back to the group after dying. Try to get a feel for where they pop and avoid those rooms.

Souls: Fun mobs that explode when they die, found on battlefield.

Orc Troopers: Scarier than they sound.

Charon: When charon is dead Alai will trans groups across the bridge.

Other boss mobs whose names I've forgotten, you'll see when you get there.

Player Roles:

main tank = Usually a t9, the first to move to a new room

Special Note: Tanks dying in Inferno causes stuff to reset you MUST keep the

tanks alive.

skip tank = see below for room skipping

rescuers = Usually also t9s or strong high tiers, assist main tank by taking 1 mob each

hitters = people who are engaged in fighting, usually autoattacking + phealing

healers (chealers) = people NOT fighting, usually mixing pheal and chealing the tanks

deadweight = people doing nothing, don't be this guy

guy who gets eaten = one person will be eaten by plutos, DON'T FUCKING MOVE OR

DO ANYTHING until told what to do, and even then do it carefully.

stat-based activities = during certain points in the run, players with specific stat

combos are required to do certain activities, if you have the stats, speak up when


room holders = during a certain point in the game some rooms need to stay occupied

while mobs are cleared from 7 rooms. If you are told to stay in that room YOU

MUST stay there no matter what. Moving will reset the step. (Note: at least 1

room is no-quaff)

sacrifice = just before the fight with death 3 people have to move simultaneously and

DO NOTHING. When they move they will automatically sit. YOU CANNOT

PERFORM ANY ACTIONS WHATSOEVER. All you do is type report every few

seconds so your healers know your hp.

Death healer = you go into Death's room and heal the tanks (similar to downhealer

role in OC)

Note: because "uphealers" are spread around you can't let your HP get too low

before stepping out for a heal up. Usually there are 2-5 people in any

given room so you won't get a big surge of incompletes.

Sacrifice healers = you will be assigned to a sacrifice, you sit in that room and

heal your sacrifice + heal the death healers as they come in and request healing.

Similar to uphealer role in OC. Note one of the rooms is no-quaff.


The Bridge:

The bridge must be crossed carefully, or it seals for 5 minutes and pisses everyone off. There are a couple of phases to this.

Mobs alive: When mobs are alive you need a tank a few others to go room by room

and clear them.

Bridge clear, moving manually: to move you need at least two people. You have to

have one person move, then the other come to that room and so on. You can't get

two rooms apart or the bridge seals and pisses everyone off.

Bridge clear, charon dead, have 3 or more people: chill at Alai and eventually he'll

trans you across. If you get impatient you can move any number of people across

manually but if you fuck up and seal the bridge it pisses everyone off.

The Battlefield:

There are some rooms and minor (heh) boss mobs to be cleared in a certain order.

The main issue here is WEAR YOUR MEDALLION. If you fail to do so orc trooopers appear, and kill everyone, which pisses everyone off AND you have to wait 30 or more minutes for them to clear out. (Orc troopers sounds like redshirts, but they're no laughing matter).

Watch out for roomprogs that deal damage, plus the aforementioned exploding souls so you'll want to watch your health in here.


Medallions: See above

Lodestone: An item you receive upon your first completion of Inferno. On

additional runs you'll wear it and it will be upgraded which is supposed to increase

your chances of the really good eq being dropped for you. Starts at 1 goes to 5 (I


mover = guy everyone is grouped on, if he moves the group moves, this needs to be

negotiated sometimes because it can create problems if people are dragged to their

deaths unintentionally.

pheal = party heal, default action most of the time

cheal = incomplete heal, you'll be directed to do this as needed

Waves = For almost all boss mobs they call assisting mobs at certain % of hp. Tanks

will aim off the boss mob, and resanc him to slow his droprate so you don't have

the group fighting two waves together.

autoattack = regular melee attack, usually you'll not be using attack spells but

instead will be doing pheal. NOT autoassist, it's generally best to engage manually.

Runes: There are runes scattered around, the group leader will handle this. If you

happen to be the guy who was eaten or a stat-person, you'll need to copy/paste the

rune to the group leader in a note on personal. (turn on raw color to get the codes)

Noquaff rooms: several rooms in Inferno don't allow quaffing, this creates some

interesting situations and causes a lot of running into sentries. Try to know

beforehand where the safe-to-quaff rooms are.

Special note: There is one room where quaffing causes seriously bad things

to happen. It's quaffable, but it will get people killed, make SURE you pay

attention and don't quaff while in this room.

Roomprogs: damage dealing programs in rooms abound here. Watch your hp even if

you're just standing around in an empty room.


Ok this one sounds harder than it is, and it's easier to explain by example:

(by breathes I mean area attacks so all the mobs are on the tank and others

can safely move through the room without being attacked)

*Group is in Room A, needs to move through B and into C without staying in B.

*The skip-tank moves from A to B and breathes.

*The main-tank moves through B into C and breathes.

*The group then runs through B into C and starts healing the main tank.

*After the group is through, the skip tank retreats from B into C and gets healed up.


********* Rule 1: Pay attention and do as you're told. *********

  • There's an implied truce during epic runs, don't pk people.
  • Don't spam commands, ever. You NEED to be able to react to changes and spamming can cause problems. If you are phealing 5 rounds after combat ends Androg will skullfuck you.
  • Don't spam gtell with stuff ESPECIALLY automessages and stuff there's a lot going on so gtell needs to be mostly business.
  • Triggers off. Except utility stuff like potion tracking etc.
  • NO BOTTING, shouldn't need to be reiterated but there you go.
  • If you're confused, ask what you need to be doing. -- When in doubt stand there without attacking and pheal
  • If you're told to use flee, don't use retreat.
  • There's one part where you don't want to area attack, make sure you don't.
  • If you're a t9 rescuer, rescue the tank once and once only, over rescuing causes problems. If you don't rescue at all see deadweight above.
  • WEAR YOUR MEDALLION when told to or you'll get everyone killed, cause a 30 minute plus delay and piss everyone off.
  • If you don't have a fuckton of HP don't linger in Death's room.

Starting the run:

  • Take a deep breath, everything will be ok. Just don't panic and all will be well.
  • Rank 4 is the rank of champions. Don't fear death, but try to stay alive for the good of the group if you can. You're going to die, but wandering around and dying because you're not paying attention isn't helpful.
  • A group leader will be designated, door to the doormob and follow the group leader
  • From here on in just follow instructions and try not to earn any DS points.

Guide taken from the Chaos Clan Website