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written by Shaelynne


You can not move through the epic without 10k mana.

R7 w/20k+ HP/Mana, Incomplete Heal, Party Heal, Aim, Retreat, Cure Blind* Leader discretion


West Prize Room:

unlock ceiling, up

Leader Command: NOD

Finish Command: POP BALLOON

Token: Shade’s Emblem

Snowman King:

East Prize Room

Unlock Freezer, Down

Leader Command: NOD

Finish Command: SKIN RABBIT


1 North of Orbury

Leader Command: Open Safe, Get All Safe


Leader Command: unmask orbury

Leader Command: be a hero

All: energize bomb (10k mana)

Trans to Orbury when Finished


Mystic appears

Leader Command: stand, listen mystic

Leader Command: nod

All: convert fragment

Final Boss:

IF2 Final Boss Map
IF2 Final Boss Map

South to Orbury

Leader Command: lash orbury

Type: Pull Lever & type infiltrate to rejoin

Stage Two: Statues & Rockets

Lever window - another one minute

Stage Three: Bosses

Clear all bosses.

Stage 4: OrRuby & Ruby Heroes

Damage OrRuby until Heroes Spawn

After about 1 minute, 4 Heroes Spawn

Kill OrRuby

All: regroup

Leader command: Nod

Leader command: Begin

All: pull lever