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This is your official guide to running a terra epic. There are numerous bosses but you will only be required to fight 3 per run. The bosses are:

1. Nysil­ This is like the Inferno guardian. It is a nospell room, and each member of the group will take turns rescuing each other (usually when the tank hits about 40k­50k hps) so they can retreat to the UP room to heal. There will usually be one person that will perma hit and they will not rescue the others. Make sure when you go to heal that you do it fast and get back down to kill him. Harmers/Pwars/Pthiefs should perma hit, dual wield when not tanking, switch to globe/mist/use awareness as dtype is always pierce'
2. Ksajus (Demon Prince/Princesses): This is as simple as going to each room and killing all of the prince and princesses. There is the first level with a total of 9 rooms, and upper level with a total of 8 rooms. You must clear ALL of these prince and princesses before going DOWN on the main level to kill Ksajus. A decently pupped knight should charge this area if you  have one, with everyone incomping in between rooms'
3. Yqath ­ There are 3 rooms (N, E, W) 3 people will split (one to each room) and tank, and the other 2 will start with west and help blast that Yqath down to about 40%, then head north to do the same, and then lastly east. ALL of these Yqaths need to be killed within about 5 seconds (so pretty much the same time) Usually west and north will get theirs down to about 5% and then hold (wear a shadow weapon) until east is within range (about 8%) then they are all blasted. Sorcs/Mentalists/Ppals should petrify/demoralize/reverse as appropriate to minimize damage taken by tanks. Make sure tanks have enough quad heal pots
4. Vortath ­ This boss will send random auras. One person in the group usually will have a plugin that reports what to do when the aura comes up. You HAVE to be sure to NOT hit on any of these auras. (Grey/Blue/Green) Grey will damage the group very hard if hit while the aura is on, and could very well wipe the entire group. When the green aura hits, you will need to heal Vortath. You do this with barks (heal scrolls) from Druid, or whatever heal scrolls you can find. (Not scribed ones!) Grouptalk will look like this: Vortath grey aura on ­ NO ONE HIT. or Vortath grey aura off. 
5. Kjare ­ This mob you need to wear a shadow weapon for. It does not damage the mob, and ONLY the tank (will be named in group) will take him down and then sleep him. You will need to clear/sleep tendrils that spawn and when all are either asleep or dead, then the tank will kill Kjare. Must be slept within 4­5% or he will spawn additional tendrils when killed.
6. Skleigh Heads ­ These are easy. There are 5 spawns. In order it will spawn 1, then 2, then 3, then 4, then 4. After each spawn, you will get a full heal restore, with the exception of the 4th spawn, that will give you a full mana restore. On the 4th spawn, you want to sleep the last head, Use all your mana to heal up, do NOT quaff, as it will be restored. Heads should be dispelled, everyone should aim 1.head and re­aim after rescuing. weak ppl or mincons might need a resc while tanking 2 
7. Yrelth ­ There are 6 exits. (N, S, E, W, U, D and then a center room) ALL rooms are different colors, and you can see that just by typing look. The tank will go into the room with Yrelth and you will be transported to a room and the door will close/lock. The tank will call out colors in group. It will look something like this: (Group) Loktar: 'Yrelth using blue aura, countered by red (south)'. In this case, the person in the RED room would type touch, then gt touched. (Have an alias set up to do this) You need to do this very VERY fast, or you can damage, and even kill the tank by being too slow or forget. VIOLET is by far the most damaging. ONLY the person in the 2nd colored room will touch. In the example, blue wouldn’t touch, ONLY red. There are 2 rounds to this boss, when the tank calls “2nd” then only 1 person will do ALL of the touching. (This person will be named in group) Be sure NOT to touch once second is called unless you are named the person to do 2nd.
8. Salkin ­ Is a huge pain in the ass. He will spawn tendrils as you are fighting him. There are 2 possible ways to kill him. The long way it to kill him to about 70%­74%, angel breath to sleep him and wait 10 minutes then Terra will kill him for you. If you have a good group, who listens well, you can actually kill him. You would fight him down to about 11%, melee under 10%, then NUKE (Navi’s come in really handy with timeshifting for this) It may take a few tries, but you need to do this all the while tendrils are attacking you. Your group leader will usually say what they want you to do.

Those are the 8 different bosses. Remember, do not recite scribed scrolls in any of these fights (with the exception of Nysil) because it does bad things in the room (Likes blind or something I can’t quite remember) You can use in the Nysil fight because to heal you will retreat from his room to heal up (Nospell in Nysils room remember!)
There are a few things you will need before going into these runs!
1. Max HP’s is a necessity. It makes life a whole lot easier on you.
2. At least 50 sanc instinct is preferable because these mobs can take you down pretty fast.
3. Angel breath practiced (To sleep tendrils and bosses when required)
4. A weapon with SHADOW damage (You always start the run wearing this weapon and only change to regular weapon when instructed)
5. At least 30 quad heal scrolls (For Vortath and if someone is in dire need of a heal quick)
6. NO DISTRACTIONS! (If you don’t have time to do the runs with no distractions (they only usually take about 10­15 mins per run) then don’t join. It can be horrible for the group if you randomly AFK through it and will cause limited to no invites in the future)
7. Stock up on you own heals/mana pots (You WILL need them!)
8. An alias that does touch;gt touched. (You can test if it is working before doing the run as touch will do the touch your forehead social)
9. An alias to recite bark (Mine is rb, it’s easy)
10. Aliases to swap between shadow/single regular/dual regular weaps are also good
11. Any rooms with bosses no brews/scribed potions or scrolls. Trivia Incomplete heals are OK!

Before starting the run, make sure you have autoassist OFF, and shadow weapon ON. You will be told if you need to turn autoassist ON, and if you need to wear your regular weapon. If you are unsure, ASK or just keep your shadow weapon on, so you don’t damage at the wrong time. These are not as hard as they may appear, and are a LOT of fun. The rewards go from “OK” to “FRICKEN AWESOME!” and are definitely worth the 15 minutes of your life.
You will need to have at least opened the goal, and have completed it up to the part where you are required to kill Terra. Once at that part, do not go any further because you need a group to do it.
Rewards are listed below:
1. Trains ­ From I believe 160ish­ 200 (or so)
2. Gold
3. Crystal Elixers (Level 200 5x mana heals)
4. Quest Points
5. Trivia Spell­Up Potion
6. Ore
7. Daily Blessing Reset Tokens
8. Arcane Source
(These are listed in order of most common, to most rare) You may also get a combination of any of these (I’ve seen on person get an ore, arcane source, trains, gold, and qps all in one run)
If you have ANY questions, You can ask either Thunderax, Loktar, Roebart or Ferra about what may or may not be required to do these if you are interested!